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About Us

The Picasso America Mission
Deep Down We’re the Best.
The mission of Picasso America is to provide North American freedivers and freedive hunters with the reputable Picasso brand, excellent customer service, and exceptional knowledge and experience

Picasso America has joined with its partner site, picassoamerica.com to offer many other brands including Yazbeck and Elite, Alessandro Picasso’s new line.

The Picasso America History
In February 2006, Greg and Vanessa Fonts bought Picasso America from Roger Yazbeck thus acquiring picassoamerica.com and North American distribution rights for the Picasso brand.

Picasso America’s ownership changes and expansion were signified by moving headquarters from the small shop in Hermosa Beach, CA to a large warehouse in West Sacramento, CA. The Fonts’ expanded Picasso America’s services in Northern California by welcoming freedivers to visit its headquarters and provide online shoppers with an upgraded retail portal.

Picasso America sponsors divers, events and holds the annual Picasso America Open Freedive Hunting Tournaments.

Greg Fonts
Greg’s childhood fascination with sharks rapidly turned into an obsession and passion for all water sports. After scuba diving for many years he was introduced to abalone diving and a new fascination began. He’s been freediving since.

Vanessa Fonts
Tired of waiting for Greg on the shore, Vanessa began diving in 2003 and now enjoys the long days of diving with not waiting for others. With a B.S. in Marketing from Santa Clara University, CA, Vanessa is dedicated to promoting the sport and quality freediving products.

Tuff Fonts – The Original Shop Dog
Our friendly Rottweiler loved the beach however like most he spent most of his time working. His work week included hanging out in our Northern California shop. He kept us on our toes, barked at telemarketers and protected his tennis ball from his co-workers. He passed away on March 11, 2009 and is greatly missed.

Usal Fonts
Our curious pup Usal started working early in life. Usal, Tuff’s nephew, joined us March 15, 2009 at only 10 weeks old and is named after the favored Ab diving spot on the Northern California coast. He’s a pup in-training, learning not to chew on gear and piddle in the shop.


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