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Exclusive Brands
Picasso Yazbeck Elite
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Beuchat Amadeo Bachar
Cressi-Sub Argos
Hammerhead Dee’s Diamond Flashers
JBL Intermational Gat-Ku
National Divers Maco
OMER Merou
Pelaj Mori
Rabitech-Sumora Neptonic Systems
Riffe International Pelican
Rob Allen Real Sea
Trident Sea Sniper
  T.S. Lockie

Exclusive Brands
Picasso is the world’s recognized leader of freediving and spearfishing equipment.  Based in Portugal, Picasso makes every piece of equipment you will need freediving.  Picasso gear is known for its high quality and long reputable history with freedivers throughout Europe, the U.S. and worldwide. 

You will find all Picasso Products available in North America on the Freedive Shop, including spearguns, wetsuits, socks, gloves, fins, masks, snorkels, weight belts, floats, terminal tackle and more.

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Roger Yazbeck launched the Yazbeck Wetsuit line in 2006.  Roger’s freediving experience and knowledge of quality freediving equipment yields the ability to design suits, socks and gloves that meet freedivers’ specific needs.

Using only the highest quality Yamamotto neoprene and designing all suits with an anatomical cut, Yazbeck has provided a wet suit line known for comfort, warmth and durability.  The passion and pride of the designer can be seen in the attention to all details, from camo patterns to materials. 

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Elite Description
General Brands
Beuchat is a French manufacturer of dive gear chosen for three main qualities:  strength, technicality and reliability.  Beuchat provides a range of quality spearfishing products. 

We carry Beuchat dive bags, weight harnesses, masks, snorkels, spearguns, freediving accessories and more.

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Cressi-Sub is an Italian manufacturer of underwater diving equipment.  The company thoroughly researches and performs extreme tests to ensure that their freediving equipment is of the highest quality. We carry Cressi-Sub dive bags, masks, snorkels, spearguns, reels and more.View productsView Website 
Hammerhead Spearguns is a Hawaii based company praised for innovative spearfishing and freediving equipment.   We carry Hammerhead spearguns, muzzles and accessories, as well as line and crimp kits.View productsView Website 
JBL International is a Southern California manufacturer renowned for their 40 years of providing unmatched spearfishing equipment for predators of the deep.   We carry JBL spearguns and speargun accessories.View productsView Website 
A California Bay Area company led by Carl Krupansky, that supplies a variety of quality diving products.   We carry National Divers ab and lobster diving equipment, weight systems, floats and more.
O.M.E.R. is an Italian producer of equipment for freediving and spearfishing equipment.  O.M.E.R. equipment has evolved and continues to improve because of feedback from National and World Championship freedivers. We carry O.M.E.R. masks, fins, spearguns, speargun accessories and more.View productsView Website 
Pelaj is an Australian producer of a wide variety of quality freediving gear. We carry Pelaj spearguns, slip tips, float line and more.View productsView Website 
Rabitech, of South Africa, is one of the few manufacturers of only spearfishing and freediving equipment.  Though a new company, Rabitech’s equipment is designed and tested by freedivers and spearfishers making them a growing force in the freediving industry. View productsView Website 
Riffe International, Inc is well known for the Silent Hunter Speargun. The Southern California company offers not only the most advanced speargun but fins, masks, snorkels and accessories for all of your freediving needs. We carry Riffe spearguns, fins, masks, snorkels, float lines, floats, accessories and more.View productsView Website 
The Rob Allen Railgun put the South African manufacturer and exporter on freediver and spearfishermen’s radars.  The company also provides a full range of spearfishing and freediving accessories. We carry Rob Allen spearguns, speargun accessories, weight belts, float line and floats.View productsView Website 
Trident is California based distributor of thousands of all sport diving equipment and water sport accessories, from freediving to scuba.  We carry Trident’s freediving accessories.View products 
Specialized Brands
Amadeo’s artwork is unique and done with extraordinary detail.  Wearing one of Amadeo’s shirts or sweatshirts you will be representing our sport well.   We carry Amadeo Bachar’s shirts and sweatshirts.View products 
Designed by divers for divers, Argos is the only anatomically cut sock on the market.  The Argos Team created the Stealth sock to fit every curve and bend, with every movement of your foot in mind.   We always have the Argos Stealth sock in stock.View products 
Dee’s Diamond Flasher’s is an Oregon based company that designs and manufacturers only flashers.  These are no ordinary flashers but the ultimate fish attractor that will bring them in close enough for the perfect shot. We always have Dee’s flashers in stock.View productsView Website 
Gat-Ku is a family owned company based out of San Diego, CA that focuses on perfecting polespears. We carry Gat-Ku spears and special order.View productsView Website 
Mori Logo Not Available Masahiro Mori Mori of Southern California, designs and manufacturers two things: shafts and slip tips.  We stand by these tips as being among the best. We have Mori’s standard slip tips in stock and special order when requested.View productsView Website 
Neptonic Systems is a company based out of Santa Cruz, CA, with a wide variety of terminal tackle, float systems and more.  We keep a range of Neptonic Systems gear in stock.View productsView Website 
Pelican is one of the largest manufacturers of heavy duty cases and lights.  With Pelican you’ll definitely find the light source or gear case you need, you might also find products you didn’t know you needed for your out-of-water adventures.   We carry Pelican lights popular among freedivers and special order upon request.View productsView Website 
If you’re hunting in the woods then a standard or Military camo pattern will suit you.  But more than likely you are a freediver who knows the importance of blending in.   Real Sea has designed the Marine Camo freediving suit line which use a pattern unique to the marine that features a natural seaweeded embedded in the perfectly matched sea background.   
Sea Sniper is a speargun manufacturer based out of San Carlos, CA.  Their spearguns are inspired by the owner’s freediving experience that ranges from hunting halibut in Northern California to bluewater hunting of giant pelagics and more worldwide.View productsView Website 
Lockie Logo Not Available T.S. Lockie wrote Diver’s Meditations: Meditations for Scuba Divers, Freedivers and Snorklers.  We carry this book because we believe that Lockie’s meditations have a strong and positive effect on our own diving. 
Waterway Logo Not Available Our only Russian manufacturer and distributor, Waterway designs specialty fins.  We carry Waterway’s Mono-Fin which has been used and received praise from freedivers world wide. View productsView Website 

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