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Picasso America

 freediving fins
What is a cold molded foot pocket? 
What are the different lines used for spearfishing? 
What is a shooting line? 
What should I attach the other end of the shooting line to? 
Which of these 3 setups would you recommend the most? 
What is the shooting line made of? 
So how would you tie the MemoSpec® shooting line to the spear? 
What is the reel line? 
What is the Picasso America reel line made of and why? 
Other sites promote Kevlar® or Technora® . Why did you choose Spectra®? 
What is a float line? 
What is the bungee line? 
What do you mean by "low volume" mask? 
Can I use my freediving (low volume) mask on SCUBA? 
 rubber bands
What length do you cut bulk rubber to make custom bands? 
What are the different types of snorkels? 
What makes Picasso spearguns better than others? 
How do I load a long Picasso speargun? 
How do I safely unload a Picasso speargun? 
Is it safe to load or unload a spear-gun out of the water? 
Why is the Picasso Century 90 equipped with a 140 cm and not a 130cm spear? 
What is a open muzzle? 
(no faqs found for this category)
What is a freediving wetsuit? 
What is the "Chicle®" wetsuit? 
What makes the Picasso wetsuits so different? 
What is the difference between “open-cell”, "split-cell" and “skin-in” wetsuits? 
What does "BioTermic®" mean? 
How is it that special Neoprene manufactured and how could you describe it? 
Could you give some technical data with a description of this space-age Japanese Neoprene? 
What is the difference between the traditional wetsuit and the Picasso? 

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